IOU Financial is actively seeking resellers with established companies who are currently in the business of marketing to small business owners. Please complete our reseller registration process below. Once submitted, you will be sent an email with the 'Marketer Agreement', contacted by an Account Executive to schedule a web demo and training.

Thank you for your interest in establishing a relationship with IOU Financial.

Note: In an effort to give our mutual clients the transparency they deserve, IOU Financial requires the following from all partners in their application:

  • An established business
  • A website that lists a physical location and the leadership of the company
  • A LinkedIn profile for the company and/or the management team


Company Information

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If the Company Type is a Sole Proprietorship, the Tax Id Number and Social Security Number are the same. ?A Taxpayer Identification Number or EIN is issued by the Federal Government and is required to obtain a loan from IOU.


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